San Francisco Auto Salon

San Francisco Auto Salon is a collective of custom automotive cars from all over Northern California. The SF Auto Salon can be found in the Esplanade Ballroom directly above the South Hall, take the escalators coming out of the South Hall and turn right. Follow the signs leading up to the Esplanade Ballroom. Designed to showcase the diversity of these projects from award winning show cars to mildly customized street cars, you will find something that sparks your interest. What started as a passion to showoff our own personal projects progressed into an eclectic collection of vehicles you would find at any type of automotive event in the San Francisco Bay Area. We hold on to the core focus of bringing together all types of vehicles from Domestics, Asian Imports, European Imports, and even Exotics. It allows you to check out cars from all walks of life and different automotive cultures.

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